The very young monks live in a small detached house, at the foot of the monastery. This detached house was renovated recently. Thanks to the gifts, their way of living has significantly improved. All of them benefit finally from a balanced and healthy diet, with food complements adapted to their age; all have access to medical care and education now.

You may choose either to sponsor a child, either to make a gift intended in the whole community of the young monks.

1. Be a godfather. It is then to offer a financial participation according to a long-term commitment; it is also to have the opportunity to create a sustainable link with his protege: through letters, photos… This precious link will allow you to follow his evolution and to weave bridges between your culture and his.

To request sponsorship :

2. Support the children without a commitment of patronage. Because of the arrival of children’s large number, the amount of work became very important. It is at the moment necessary to stay up 50 young monks. The recruitment two qualified governesses became necessary. It means the releasing of a significant payroll for each, with regard to the local standard of living: €280 per month at least. We carry this project in association with the German association Yungdrung Bon Stiftung


les petits lamas

To improve children’s everyday life, your SUPPORT IS IMPORTANT.

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